When in 1.968 the sports journalist Fred Prysquel had the idea of starting to produce beach boxers, he found the way to create the first models by recycling old tea towels in bright colours.

This was how a brand was born that would become a symbol of male beachwear: they would be garments characterised by an intense colour pallet taking inspiration from the “dolce vita” of the French Riviera.

Gerry St. Tropez is a universe built around the values of creativity, lightness and perfect-fit.

The swimming costumes are produced in Spain, where top quality fabrics are selected with care.

The chromatic and decorative imagination looks at the world of the most exclusive international beach resorts, in which the brand also finds natural distribution.

With an on-going philosophy to offer a good balance between fashion, price and top quality, Gerry St Tropez’s collection keeps with the classic styles while and featuring new and trendy patterns, shorter swimmers, stretch legs, brilliant colours and digitally printed nylons.

The collection is available in 25 colours, four lengths and complete with some linen, cotton and pique classic polo shirts.