5 men’s swimwear trends to be worn by 2022

We all hope that the summer of 2022 will look more and more like the summers before Covid. Today we want to show you the new trends that will be worn in men’s swimwear next summer.

The surfing man’s swimsuit is back

Remember back in 2006 when every man on the planet wore those knee-length swimsuits? Well, 16 years later, he is back again; for many it will be a joy and for others a disappointment…

If you are one of those who have not exercised your legs in the gym during this type of exercise, we are sure you will love the return of this trend. On the other hand, if you have complied in the gym you better follow another trend as he is going to hate wearing this type ofmen’s swimwear.

The turbo swimsuit

When the turbo or panty man bathing suit was all the rage in Europe most of you reading this article were on the planet. Retrois here again to stay. These men’s swimsuits will allow you to look like an Olympic swimmer or an older gentleman who doesn’t care about anything. It will depend on his physical and mental state.

The colors that will be worn with turbo swimsuits will not be flashy at all, but rather neutral colors.

The striped or checkered pattern

A classic in every rule, the striped or checkered print, there is no summer that fails. Their versatility and ease of combination make them a must every year. Are you team stripes or team plaid?

striped swimsuit

Tropical print

How could tropical prints not make a comeback inmen’s swimwear? Whether waves, jungle or palm tree… This print has never gone away completely, the only thing that some summers dominate more swimsuits with plain colors and other summers dominate moreswimsuits with prints. However, this summer the tropical print is going to be king.

printed swimsuit

Nuclear white

Plain colored swimsuits are going to lose prominence this summer. However, there is one color that is going to be the protagonist along with the other trends. These are men’s swimsuits in white. There is no swimsuit that gets dirtier with the sand but there will be none that will show our tan better than with this swimsuit.

Do you like the new trends for next summer 2022?

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