5 ways to wear polo shirts in summer

A must-have in any man’s closet, the polo shirt is a classic we can’t do without for anything in the world. Why? Simple; it is a practical, relaxed and elegant garment that guarantees maximum freshness, even on the hottest days. And despite being an infallible masculine piece at this time of the year, many of us wonder what are the best ways to wear polo shirts in summer.

Some people think that the polo shirt is the preferred choice for weekend wear. However, it is also ideal for work environments and other occasions when a more sophisticated style is required. In addition, they can be worn by men of all ages, whether for strolling, going to the beach when the sun goes down, or in our evening gatherings with friends or family.

Theways to wear poloshirts in summer seem almost endless. This garment represents a serviceable and versatile bet, but there is certainly a science to standing out with this piece. In this post we will share how to wear the best looks with this piece, according to each occasion.

The best ways to wear a polo shirt in summer

The polo suits many outfits and styles: sportswear, streetwear looks, jeans and sneakers. In fact, it is also suitable for a more sophisticated outfit. Therefore, there is no look that can resist the charms of this garment. And for example, these ways to wear polo shirts in summer:

For day-to-day use

A neutral color polo shirt (blue, black or gray) is perfect to wear every summer day. Especially the models made of DRY fabric because they offer two highly valued benefits: an extremely soft feeling on the skin and the ability to dry in an instant. This way we can say goodbye to sweat on the hottest days.

For an ideal look for any occasion on sunny days (from shopping at home to outings with old friends), you can pair it with nylon sweatpants. The reason: it combines perfectly with its stretch fabric and three-dimensional cut for excellent comfort.

For the beach

When we say “shorts”, we immediately think of the next beach vacation. But who says you don’t need to   lucir elegant to stroll around the sea? The polo shirt with the bermuda shorts shows us the opposite.

A bermuda has   the peculiarity of making us look more sophisticated and fresh, they are also light, comfortable and are great allies of polo shirts. They are perfect, therefore, for beach days and represent one of the best ways to wear polo shirts in summer.


For sports

The polo shirt was born at the end of the 19th century as a sports garment and is still used as a competition uniform. So we can use it to play tennis, golf, soccer, etc.

When we want to give our best when training or competing, polo shirts with dry fabric are perfect. Especially because they wick moisture away from the skin and dry quickly, thanks to ventilation channels to increase air flow. Not to mention that they have antimicrobial and odor neutralizing properties.

For this reason and more, in our search for ways to wear polo shirts in summer, we can’t rule out the dry polo look with sport shorts. Let’s remember that many of us love to play sports on the beach, without giving up style and fashion.

For the office

If worn correctly, the polo shirt can be easily integrated into formal workplace attire. For this, it is best to choose a soft fabric (not cotton pique) to avoid the effect of sportswear that would be inappropriate for this type of environment.

It also looks great under a suit jacket because it is very elegant to show the collar of our polo shirt. To keep it classy, let’s opt for slim-fit dress pants or linen pants with loafers.

In case we want to slip the polo shirt into our pants and wear it as a T-shirt under a jacket, the ideal would be to use a slim model, specifically designed to avoid a cluttered feeling. If, on the other hand, we prefer to leave it on the outside, let’s try to choose a model that is not too long. It is important that it never reaches below the buttocks.

For the whole year

Just because polo shirts are perfect for hot days doesn’t mean we can’t wear them all year round. The secret is to complement it with blazers, scarves or handkerchiefs that allow   us to wear them during the coldest time of the year.

Getting a good look for those cold days is not as complicated as many think. Combining our polo shirt with jeans and a jacket with white sneakers is a great success. Of course, we can also combine them with a V-neck sweater to create a simple style.

There are many ways to wear polo shirts in summerand winter, but if you need a more elegant outfit, simply wear it with a smart chino style pants   with leather booties or Derby shoes. And to give it a more interesting touch on those cold days, wear a cable sweater, so you will look more modern.


There are few garments that deserve the title of classic men’s fashion and the polo shirt is undoubtedly one of them. Besides being an icon of men’s wardrobe, it is also a strategic garment for the summer, especially if we want to look more elegant (something that is really difficult in the summer).

Its importance for an instant chic look is so great that many variations have been born. Therefore, discovering severalways to wear polo shirts in summer could help us to make a difference in this time of the year when we feel the imperious need to feel comfortable, but fashionable.

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