5 ways to wear polo shirts in summer

polo in summer

A must-have in any man’s closet, the polo shirt is a classic we can’t do without for anything in the world. Why? Simple; it is a practical, relaxed and elegant garment that guarantees maximum freshness, even on the hottest days. And despite being an infallible masculine piece at this time of the year, many of … Read more

The 3 best bermuda shorts of 2021:


Armor your closet with the 5 most beautiful, comfortable and stylish bermuda shorts to wear this summer 2021. Whose origins date back to 1816 when British officers arrived in the islands of the bermuda shorts, not being used to a very hot climate, they decided to cut their garments and created what is known today … Read more

The 5 styles of swimsuits for summer

match swimsuit

The 5 styles of swimsuits for summer Summer is coming and it’s time to decide which swimsuits will elevate your style and accompany you on your unforgettable summer experiences. While swimsuits are simple garments to take a dip and cool off, in recent years, many men are incorporating them as another garment when creating their … Read more


essential polo shirt

THE POLO SHIRT, AN INDISPENSABLE SUMMER The poloshirt is one of the essentials in the summer wardrobe since it never goes out of style. Seeing these garments in summer is already a regular for men, teenagers and even children. The recurrent use of this garment is not by chance, but there are some advantagesthat make … Read more

Mistakes when wearing a polo shirt

polo errors

Are there any mistakes when wearing a polo shirt? The truth is that yes, there are few but they are quite common. They are usually committed by those men who do not wear polo shirts on a regular basis or those who do not think about how to combine polo shirts with other garments. Making … Read more

4 ways to combine polo shirts in winter

ways to combine polo shirts

The polo in winter is still a must in our closet, and although it seems to be exclusive for the summer we can find some ideal looks for the cold season. This versatile garment was worn in England for playing outdoor sports. Their design was very comfortable and the thickness of the fabric protected them … Read more

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