Preppy style for all ages: Looks for men

Born in the cloisters of the most prestigious universities in the United States, the preppy style burst onto the fashion scene like a breath of fresh air. We are talking about a nod to timeless elegance that, far from being exclusive to youth, conquers men of all ages.

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Deciphering the mystery of Bermuda shorts: When and how to wear them?

Bermuda shorts are legendary garments that, defying the clutches of time, have conquered generations with their unrivalled versatility and style. We can say, in fact, that they are a favourite of those looking to conquer the world with a casual touch. Despite their undisputed reign, however, wearing these garments involves

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The jersey trends you can't miss for 2024

Are you ready to rock this winter? Then don't forget to include the season's chicest jumpers in your wardrobe, as this timeless staple never goes out of style. Of course, these garments are perfect for winter. Especially because they offer great warmth and

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