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Liability of TROVELS S.A. for use of the Website

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Liability of TROVELS S.A. for operation of the Website

TROVELS S.A. will not be held liable for transfers, omissions, interruptions, unwanted intrusions, telecom failures, computer viruses, telephone breakdowns or disconnections in the operation of the electronic system caused by reasons beyond the control of TROVELS S.A.

Liability of TROVELS S.A. for links on the Website

TROVELS S.A. will not be held liable for the information (content) or risks(technical, moral or financial) outside of the Website and that may be accessed via a link on its Website since the function of such links is that they are featured solely to provide information on a specific topic.


In compliance with the General Data Protection Regulation GDPR, TROVELS S.A. informs the User that the personal data provided upon using the contact forms or contract requirements will be collected in files that are the responsibility of TROVELS S.A. and will be processed for the purposes of being able to supply and inform about services or products offered by TROVELS S.A. . Through filling out a form on this Website, the User confirms that the information and the personal data specified is theirs, exact and true.

1. Who is responsible for processing your personal data?

    Data Controller: TROVELS S.A. C/ Mèxic, 9 08205 SABADELL (Barcelona)

2. What is the purpose of processing your personal data?

    We process the personal data of our contacts, customers and suppliers for the purposes of managing the commercial relationship between them and our organization and, in particular, the contractual aspects, the sending of information from our organisation and the sector, the organisation of activities, campaigns and events, and sending informative and sales communications (including via email).

3. How long will we keep your personal data?

    Personal data is retained for a duration of six (6) years pursuant to current financial legislation and, where applicable, for ten (10) years in compliance with anti-money laundering regulations.

    TROVELS S.A. Will always retain your personal data for as long as it is necessary in order to maintain the contractual relationship, unless you unsubscribe it from our files. Moreover, the data will be retained for the data retention period as required by law in accordance with the type of data furnished.

4. What are our legal grounds for processing your personal data?

    Our legal grounds for processing your personal data are of mutual interest and based on your consent.

5. Who are the recipients of your personal data?

    Your data may only be communicated to third-party organisations linked to TROVELS S.A. that manage its products and / or services for the aforementioned purposes, as well as to the competent government bodies, as required by law.

    Employees of TROVELS S.A. who have authorised rights of access in accordance with the internal structure of TROVELS S.A. may access your personal data for the purposes described in this Privacy Policy. All the employees of TROVELS S.A. have been trained and informed of their responsibilities with respect to your personal data and sign a pertinent confidentiality agreement. Likewise, any third-party organisations whose involvement is required and / or necessary in order to properly render our services may also access your data.

    TROVELS S.A. has set up contractual agreements and contracts as well as security measures with third parties in order to ensure the proper levels of security and data protection are maintained throughout the associated chain.

6. What are your rights relating to your personal data?

    At any time, you may request your rights to access, rectification, deletion, portability and to limit the processing of your personal data or oppose it.
    You may revoke your consent to our sending marketing communications and exercise the aforementioned rights by sending an email to together with a document accrediting your identity. The exception to this is when you have previously specified that you wish to unsubscribe as per the option in the footer of the emails, in which case, we already have this information.

    If you do not receive a satisfactory reply and you wish to file a compliant or to obtain more information on any of these rights, you can contact the Spanish Data Protection Agency (

7. What is the purpose of the stored personal data?

    We store basic identification data, for example your name, delivery address, National Identity Card number / Tax Identification Number, bank account number (when the customer wishes to pay by direct debit). This data is stored for the purposes of sending proposals, marketing material and issuing invoices.

8. What is our Policy on Data Storage, Availability, Backups and Location?

    We do not delete information, unless you request this and the request is processed (see point 3). Your data is always available, although it may be blocked for the sending of marketing / commercial material, if you have exercised your rights for deletion, limitation of processing or opposition.
    Backup copies are made of the servers that contain the data, which are properly monitored and handled.

9. What is our Privacy and Security of Policy on Data and Data Access?

    Access to our database is protected by means of a User and password.
    In the event of remote access, this is done using VPN protocol.

10. What is our Security Incident Impact Analysis and Response Policy?

    TROVELS S.A. has adopted suitable technical and organisational protective measures. These measures have been applied to personal data affected by potential security breaches. People who are not authorised to access customer / user data have no access to it.

    TROVELS S.A. has conducted and maintains an updated Personal Data Vulnerability Risk Analysis and Customer / User Security and Intimacy Impact Analysis.

11. What is the Information Deletion Policy for unsubscribers to the service?

    TROVELS S.A. deactivates the accounts of customers / users who decide to unsubscribe and have exercised their rights to deletion. In such cases, the data of the client / User will remain blocked and retained for the period required by law, solely for the purposes of complying with our legal obligations that justify the existence of a past relationship between the parties.

12. Who is our Head of Data Protection Security?

    TROVELS S.A. is not currently required by law to appoint a Data Protection Delegate.
    Nevertheless, TROVELS S.A. has appointed a Data Protection Delegate in order to ensure the proper operation of this Privacy Policy and to ensure its internal and external personal user data requirements are fulfilled. You may contact our Data Protection Delegate via
    In the event that TROVELS S.A. Identifies a breach of security of personal data, users will be notified as promptly as possible of said breach. In the event of this being an important risk, the competent authorities will also be notified.

At any time, as a registered User, you may exercise your rights to access, rectification, deletion, portability and to limit the processing of your personal data or oppose it. Likewise, pursuant to Spanish Law 34/ 2002 passed on 1 July on Information Society Services and Electronic Commerce, you can any any time revoke your consent to receiving marketing communications. If you have any doubts on this point, or you wish to exercise the aforementioned rights, you can contact TROVELS S.A. By sending an email to or by sending a letter to the address: TROVELS S.A. en C/ Mèxic, 9 08205 SABADELL (Barcelona)


Any controversy arising in the interpretation or the execution of this Privacy Policy shall be interpreted based on Spanish law. Likewise, TROVELS S.A. via its legal representation and the User relinquish any other jurisdiction and submit themselves to the appropriate courts of law of the area in which the User resides, in the event that any controversy that may arise. If the User does not reside in Spain, TROVELS S.A. and the User submit to appropriate courts of law of the city of Barcelona.