Match shirts with your favorite swimsuits or shorts

If you like to look fashionable and attract attention during any season of the year, but especially on those sunny days because you’re showing off more skin than usual, come on! Combineshirts with your favorite swimsuitsor shorts for a fresh and modern look..

It seems like a simple thing to achieve, however, getting the right shirt to match our favorite swimsuit is often tricky. The most positive thing of all, is that from now on, this article will become your best fashion advisor to get the look that suits your style and personality.

Looking for the perfect summer look? Combine shirts with your favorite swimsuits or bermudas.

Unless you have an inexhaustible source of energy like a Labrador retriever, chances are you won’t be swimming at the beach or in the pool all day. Therefore, shirt is an infallible piece on those days.

Yes, combine shirts with your favorite swimsuits or shorts for your visits to the sea.  Who says a swimsuit can’t be worn to the restaurant on summer days? These pieces of clothing stand out for being crisp and always there: Available for action!

Aun así, podrías arruinar la oportunidad de tener un outfitcómodo y atractivo por no encontrar la camisa que os ayude a resaltar tu bermuda favorita. You sure don’t want this to happen, do you? Then take a look at our tips to help you get it right and go anywhere with your swimsuits.

Are you ready? Here we go.

Polo shirts with Bermuda shorts or swimsuit

For those who have their sights set on a night out, the combination of polo shirt and swimsuit(or a tailored Bermuda shorts) is a great move. This look will represent a certain degree of formality depending on the cut and type of piece you choose.

A Bermuda shorts with a cotton pique polo shirt, for example, creates a more casual look than a swimsuit. Bermudashorts provide a more formal look   and will not look out of place at the bar if the sun shines on you.

Printed shirts and   swimsuits

Don’t be afraid to experiment and feel free to look more youthful and modern, combineshirts with your favorite swimsuits or bermuda shorts. The shirts Printsare almost the latest fashion trend at the moment, not to mention that they represent a very common choice in our closet and help you to get a nice outfit.

Generally speaking,this combination is subdued, light, airy and stands out in the sunlight, in fact, if you opt for a V-neck shirt it will be an opportunity to show off the tan of the day, of course, in case you opt for this look for the evening.

The tailored swimsuit willkeep the silhouette slim and sharp, while the printed shirt will stylize the shape of your body with its elaborate design.

Short linen shirts with swimsuits

Linen is the quintessential summer fabric, so nowhere in the world is a shirt made with this material going to clash with the atmosphere on those hot days.

Sure, she may look a little wrinkled, as this is the carefree attitude she has, but, there is always a solution when it comes to getting the best look. If you are very concerned about this problem with linen shirts, try to get a model that blends cotton to mitigate some of those creases.

Keep in mind that these types of shirts look perfect when they make strong sets,   with swimsuits or shorts that have a single block color.However, don’t skimp when it comes to wanting to break some rules, sometimes these shirts go well with a swimsuit with floral prints. As long as the shirt is unicolor.

Long linen shirts and swimsuits

It’s not the most common and easy-to-digest beach look for many, but as long as you choose the right shirt to match your swimsuit or shorts, you’ll hit the nail on the head.

To stand out with this outfit and get the most irreverent and versatile beach oufit, combine shirts with your favorite swimsuits or shortsin every sense of the word. We recommend that you opt for a shorts or a tailored style swimsuit with a unicolor pattern,because it will go perfectly with your favorite long shirt, whether for day or night.

Although the night seems to adapt more to this style that always manages to attract the eyes of girls who are looking for daring and irreverent guys.

T-shirt with swimsuits

Sometimes it pays to look more modest on the beach and leave the prints for the street. A simple plain t-shirt is much easier to pair with graphic swimsuits, plus this look also has the charm of making things more formal at dinner time.


Whether it’s a day trip by car or a stay at a luxury resort,just go for it and pair shirts with your favorite swimsuits or shorts.

Opting for these combinations will make your life easier   when you don’t have the opportunity to change into a second more formal outfit during those summer days. It is therefore important to follow our tips to forget about changing your look when the night falls on you by surprise.

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