Mistakes when wearing a polo shirt

Are there any mistakes when wearing a polo shirt? The truth is that yes, there are few but they are quite common. They are usually committed by those men who do not wear polo shirts on a regular basis or those who do not think about how to combine polo shirts with other garments.

Making mistakes when wearing a polo shirt is a major fashion cardinal sin. If you want to know what these mistakes are, read on. This way you will avoid falling into any of them.

Raise the collar of the polo shirt.

It’s one of the most common mistakes and you’ve probably seen it done before. We do not know the origin of the monstrous idea of wearing the collar of the polo shirt up. The garment is a piece that seeks to detonate comfort and elegance. On the other hand, if you raise the collar of the polo shirt, it goes from giving an appearance of elegance and comfort to an exaggerated and tasteless appearance.

Wearing a size too large or too small

Some men like to buy oversized or tight-fitting garments. However, it is not suitable for polo. You should always choose your size, so that it is not too big or too tight. The poles vary depending on the cut and the shape it gives to the body. One of the mistakes when wearing a polo shirt is to wear a size that does not correspond to yours because it will give you a very unpleasant look.

Undo all buttons

It may be a very good idea for a hot day at the beach but it is generally not recommended to leave a polo shirt completely open. Everyone can adjust the buttons as they wish according to their taste. Everyone can adjust the buttons as they wish according to their taste. In addition, for men with a narrow back, it is best to wear all buttons fastened.

Put the polo shirt inside the pants.

The cut of the polo shirt creates a visual division between the garment and the pants, which favors the look. However, tucking it into your pants if you want to create a casual look is a very bad idea. On the other hand, in formal situations, it is a good idea to tuck it into the pants to give it a more formal and serious touch.

polo shirt inside pants

Wearing a tie

If we think of mistakes when wearing a polo shirt, this is one of the worst. Wearing a tie with a polo shirt is another of the deadly sins of fashion. Just because it has a collar does not mean it is compatible with wearing a tie. In addition, the same error occurs with short-sleeved shirts. It is an eye-damaging combination.

Not matching it with the appropriate garment

As we have already mentioned in another of our articles, there are many ways to combine polos. The most important thing is to know how to combine it with the right colors and garments. It will also influence the colors that suit your body and face.


As you can see, there are many mistakes when wearing a polo shirt. So we at Gerry’s team hope we have helped you with this guide so that you don’t make such mistakes.

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