The 5 styles of swimsuits for summer

The 5 styles of swimsuits for summer

Summer is coming and it’s time to decide which swimsuits will elevate your style and accompany you on your unforgettable summer experiences.

While swimsuits are simple garments to take a dip and cool off, in recent years, many men are incorporating them as another garment when creating their summer outfits.

So, below, I tell you the 5 swimsuit styles for summer 2021 that you can wear, from a morning at the beach with the family to a summer night out with friends.

Swimwear with plain print

If you want to play it safe, the plain print swimsuit will certainly give a formal and elegant touch to your style. With this swimsuit you don’t have to worry about anything but enjoying yourself and having a good time, because its classic and versatile style will do the rest.

If it is used for a summer night, the black swimsuit can be an option, on the other hand, for daytime activities, it is advisable to use light colors if you have a dark skin tone or even use white to enhance the tan you may have.

The plain print is perfect to combine with any garment, so it will be your best ally when creating your own style.

Striped style swimsuit

Thestriped swimsuitcould not be missing in the 5 styles of swimsuits for summer, as it is an essential in the summer closet and this summer, it is not left behind as it is still a great choice.

These swimsuits give a simple but fresh style, and is an option to consider if we are a little overweight, since they provide slenderness, height and slimness.

In this style of swimsuit it is important to opt for light colors, as they highlight the tanned skin and also provide that summer style.
Striped swimsuits are undoubtedly those in which one feels comfortable and confident.


Sailor style swimsuit

The sailor style with navy blue and white stripes is the most recurrent style among men when choosing a swimsuit for summer.

There are many varieties within this model, with narrower or wider, vertical or horizontal stripes. También existen algunos diseños que respetan y contienen este estilo, pero con formas más peculiares y diferentes a las clásicas líneas verticales.
They are another good option if you want to try new things, but do not stray too far from this summer’s trends. It is also a perfect swimsuit style to combine with light colors.
There is no doubt that the sailor-style swimsuitencourages you to try this trend.


Swimwear with simple prints

 Summer swimsuits with prints continue to be a favorite for buyers and brands, as they help give this distinctive touch to your style. There is a wide variety of prints on the market. The most recurrent are geometric shapes or moles.
If your physical complexity is quite slim, it is recommended that you opt for swimsuits with small size figures.


Swimsuits with maritime prints

Another of the 5 swimsuits for this summer are the swimsuits with maritime prints that are not missing every summer. Maybe these are for the most daring, but what is certain is that wherever you go, you will transmit joy and attract attention.
Don’t be afraid to choose the type of print, there are many maritime prints that are in fashion so the bolder it is the more variety it will bring to your style.
These types of swimsuits should always be combined with basic garments such as T-shirts or shirts.


There is no doubt that if you want to have a unique and distinctive style this summer, you should incorporate some of these 5 styles of swimsuits for summer into your closet. Or maybe more than one, for example, a plain style swimsuit and a patterned one.
But remember, the most important thing is to have an unforgettable summer.

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