Learn how to match short-sleeved shirts with shorts

It is very common for us to relate some outfits to certain seasons of the year, as in the case of the short-sleeved T-shirts with shorts, a combination often worn in the summer. This look, however, is not necessarily ideal to wear during the summer season, we are talking about an outfit that looks great in spring and on some autumn days. 

Dressing casually is a timeless fashion statement and combining short-sleeved T-shirts with shorts, has become the best way to worship comfortable, functional and simple looks.

The versatility of this outfit, on the other hand, makes our life easier, since we can wear it for a day out with our dog, to have lunch with our friends (if it's an informal outing), for a walk in the park or in the city, or even to go to a party. 

The fact is that the possibilities are almost endless. It all depends on the place you want to visit and your purpose. In this article, therefore, we have made a selection of the best places to visit. best t-shirt and bermuda shorts combinations that will come in handy on different occasions. 

How to combine short-sleeved T-shirts with shorts

Go to short-sleeved T-shirts with shorts is the perfect symbiosis to create a simple, striking look, suitable for everyday engagements as well as for meetings or evening parties.

Here are some ideas that will help you create the perfect outfit, according to your intentions:

A black T-shirt goes with everything

The black short sleeve t-shirt is a classic in a man's wardrobe, thanks to its ability to match with long and short trousers of any colour. If you want to attract attention or just look different, you can pair this shirt with shorts in interesting colours like white or pink, in fact, this look really stands out with white trainers. 

A grey shirt is just as versatile as a black shirt because it goes well with neutrals and stronger tones.

T-shirts with floral prints

A basic for those who wear short-sleeved T-shirts with shorts in the summer, it's T-shirts with floral or tropical prints. It is a look that can also be worn in spring. There are also many options, either with prints all over the T-shirt, on the front pocket or on the sleeves. 

To create an eye-catching look with these shirts, we recommend pairing them with single-coloured shorts such as black, blue, including khaki, which looks great. 

Aprende a combinar camisetas de manga corta con pantalones cortos

Light blue shirt with white shorts

For a classic, bon ton style, there's nothing better than wearing a light blue shirt with white shorts. Now, if you want to give a more special touch to your outfit, you can opt for fabrics with a dynamic texture, such as seersucker cotton, which goes well with linen shorts or a classic cut of Bermuda shorts.

A must-have when it comes to matching short-sleeved T-shirts with shorts, is represented by bermuda shorts with burnt and natural tones, which express the spring and summer mood well. Not only white and blue, but also shades of brown, beige and army green will look great in this case.

Striped T-shirts are a must-have

We wouldn't be surprised if a striped shirt has gotten you out of trouble at some point in your life. And this garment, especially the vertical stripes, deserve a place in our wardrobe because they look great in colour combinations. 

We advise you to get a model that has blue, red and yellow, so that you look radiant and colourful. It is important to keep in mind that if you are wearing a lot of colours on top, then it makes the most sense to wear a unicolour shorts like white, black or blue.

I will go for unicoloured, but vibrant shirts.

To speak of combinations of short-sleeved T-shirts with shorts implies a reference to the traditional look with one-colour T-shirts. A golden rule to stand out with this look is vibrant shades such as red, yellow or green.

The reason is simple; there are no prints or details, so wearing a more radiant colour will add life to the look. We suggest combining the T-shirt with beige shorts, but also with other shades of your choice. 


Matching short-sleeved T-shirts with shorts as simple as it may seem, it really is an art that not all men master. Our advice to always get it right is to have common sense or if you want to make a difference with a different outfit, just pay attention to the looks described throughout this post.

Remember that this is a timeless combination that you can wear not only in summer, but it is also quite comfortable and casual for occasions when you don't have to look so refined. Although there are looks that are very elegant and come in handy for parties or get-togethers with friends..


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